About Us

We provide our clients with finer quality designs and speedy scaling along with an effortless and pocket friendly graphic design service.

About Hitarth

We Provide Global Support for Our Clients.

For a remote service, Hitarth offers global support for our clients. We assist in making new business ideas reach new heights ; promote marketing campaigns and agencies and also widely extend our reach amongst audiences through powerful messages.

Story of Hitarth

Hitarth first started offering graphic design services in 2013. Over the years we’ve specialized in different niches and served various disciplines. We analyzed that from start-ups to marketing agencies, SMB’s to non-profit organizations they all face one common challenge i.e getting professional graphic design services.

So to cater to that problem, we thought our subscription-based graphic designs’ impact would be more powerful. So, since early 2019, Hitarth is offering professional graphic designs for a flat fee, with the goal of helping our clients design better and scale better.

We’re also equally passionate about creating employment opportunities for designers and aspiring designers. We believe that creativity takes courage and good designs can change the world. We help scale marketing campaigns and agencies and reach wider audiences through impactful messages.

Story of hitarth

Global Expansion

On a globe scale

Hitarth consists of over 19 team members working together to assist our clients globally. Our span of clientele includes North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Our team is also diverse in nature including members from across North America and the Asia Pacific region.

We are a team of skilled designers, project managers, client assistants and much more. We are committed to our mission diligently and work remotely for our clients from various corners of the world to help them design better and maximize swiftly.

Values We Abide by

At Hitarth, our values pave the path for every successful service we provide. They are instilled deeply in how we function together as a team to how we offer assistance to our wide range of clientele.