Techniques adopted by Core Dynamics to improve its brand awareness by remarkable graphic designs.


"We are having difficulties in creating brand awareness of your fitness gym and products, I asked for the suggestion and there was a quick reply from them with the solution to our problems. Moreover, their cost is very less and totally valuable and impressive."

Jim O’Hagan

Owner/Head Fitness Coach

What were the results and conclusions of the method used by Hitarth to help Core Dynamics?

After Hitarths comprehensive marketing strategies and techniques used to promote the Core Dynamics fitness gym were very flourishing for them. They are attracting more customers with the help of Hitarth services which is expanding their business and more people are able to know about it. By working with Hitarth, Core dynamics were competent to give their mark audience a fair awareness of what they serve and what puts them different from other fitness gyms.


About Core Dynamics


Core Dynamics is an exclusive fitness club located in an impeccably converted potato barn in the heart of the Hamptons on Deerfield Road, just south of the railroad crossing in Water Mill. It is a full gym set-up for all with the aim of promoting fitness and a healthy life. The number of facilities like treadmills, Arc Trainers, True Striders, Octane cross-trainers and exercise bikes, indoor training bikes.

At the rear of the building, you will discover a completely equipped weight room with the latest Cybex VR3 strength devices and free weights. In the adjacent functional workout studio, you’ll find an expanse of equipment to give their customers the best workout experience.

How was Hitarth able to address the Core Dynamics problem?

Hitarth helped Core Dynamics to boost up their graphic design output through our assistance which includes the following:-

  • Hitarth provided a cost-effective design solution that makes value for the work and the projects they are required to have finalized.
  • A fast and manageable onboarding procedure with easy to use project management platforms we're provided by us to solve their problems.
  • Immediate and continuous assistance from our devoted design team is provided to our client's Core Dynamics
  • Constant communication via various platforms like Trello and email, as well as periodic calls to, were made to examine projects.
  • A variation of graphic design assistance to confront Core Dynamics marketing and promotional goals which encompassed layouts for email and print information.
  • Methods that benefited marketing matters by communicating Core Dynamics company purpose and attracting people to become partners.